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Turkey’s most comprehensive, most current, and fastest “0 km” review Download Pricing Tools 2.EL right to use the comparison and application!

The CARDATA mobile app is now in your pocket if you want to sell your car. Tens of thousands of vehicles
It is now very easy to find out the price instantly according to your desired mileage and damage situation.

If you want to get your car CARDATA “0 km inspection” feature all vehicles sold in Turkey automobile market it is offered to you in detail and in a comprehensive manner FREE.

If you are unstable in more than one vehicle option, you can compare the specifications of “0 KM” and “2nd hand” vehicles separately with each other and list the hardware features for FREE.

In all categories such as Cars, SUVs, Pick-Ups, Land and Light Commercial Vehicles and Minivans;
Renault, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, Opel and Fiat as sold in Turkey
You can reach the “0 KM” sales prices, hardware and technical specifications, second hand values ​​of all models of all brands in seconds.


– 0 KM is the only system that offers the most up-to-date sales prices, equipment and specifications

– Comparison: 0 KM and 2.Hand vehicles are the only system that allows comparison of technical information and listing of hardware information

– The only system that provides you with technical and hardware information of each car in question.

– Advanced damage / appraisal feature for all vehicle damage, paint and component changes
The only system that can offer pricing.

– The only system that can instantly quote all vehicles between 1.000KM and 200.000KM.

– The only system that can offer both purchase and sale prices to both the car dealer / seller and the customer separately.


CARDATA Download for iOS

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