Last Shelter: Survival


Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival


Last Shelter for Android: Survival

Zombie invasion has begun! Humanity needs you! Download Last Shelter: Survival now, millions of players from around the world join this great resistance!

Build Your City As You Wish
Last Shelter: In Survival you will be able to build your city like a mayor. By planning the city correctly, you can develop faster than other players.

Have Powerful Heroes
Make extra contributions by correctly evaluating Heroes with unique stories and abilities.

Build the Strongest Army of Humanity
You draw the surviving people into your city and build the army that will be the last hope of humanity! Clear your territory from zombies and challenge the most powerful players of other servers!

Make a Difference with Your Technology
Last Shelter: Develop your Survival technologies according to your game strategy. Strengthen quickly by developing Warrior and Aggressive, Balanced and Financier, Scientific and Development technologies!



Last Shelter: Survivals Download for Android

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