Magic Rush: Heroes



Magic Rush: Heroes
Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush for Android: Heroes


Collect League Heroes and get ready for battle! Magic Rush: Base development game with tower defense games, perfect combination with heroes head to head battles and RPG. With an impressive one-man campaign story, online PvP battles, various game modes and daily quests – tons of ways to lead your hero to victory!
Crafty strategies and quick reflexes are a must for the kingdom’s epic defensive battles and the hair-raising PvP Arena mode! Battle for victory, win your glory as the best kingdom defender and become a legend!

Magic Rush: Hero Features:
Battle Strategy 3 Epic Game Style
1. Test your innovative, talented and goal-oriented features in RPG campaign mode
2. Real-time strategy when war unfolds on the world map – Choose Allies, expand your kingdom and manage the resources needed for war
3. Tower defense missions, gain extra loot to strengthen your heroes

Spell to the Top by Using Skill Control
1. Provide direct control of your spells by touch
2. All heroes have top spells for boys / girls – master them all for superiority in battle
3. Key strategy! Take aim and show your strength at the right moment!

Defend Your Honor in the PvP Arena
1. Your Heroes in the PvP Arena against everyone
2. War Heroes from all over the world to build leadership


Magic Rush: Heroes Download for Android

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